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Race Part Solutions was started in 2005 by racing enthusiasts just like you. Finding a single source for forced induction components was difficult so we starting a website focused on just that. All of our staff members are into racing and can help you find the right parts to complete your job. We strive to provide innovative new high quality race parts for our customers. V-Band Assemblies, Mandrel Bends, Silicone Hoses, T-Bolt Clamps along with major manufacturers such as Heatshield Products, Meziere Enterprises, Tial Sport, JGS Precision, Aeromotive, Fragola Performance Systems, Purosil, Mission Rubber , Magnafuel and more on the way.We are also continually developing new products such as the massive MD-104 Mad Dog 104mm Blow Off Valve and our newest product the Dual Seal Connector that is now available in 2.5", 3", 3.5", 4" and 5" to meet the needs of racers and we insist on selling the best racing parts and products available while providing excellent service to the racing professional in all forms of racing. Customer service is top priority and we strive to exceed your expectations with fast friendly service and great prices. Race Part Solutions is your one stop shop for all your plumbing needs such as cooling systems, fuel systems and Turbo - Supercharger intercooler piping hose and clamps. Some of the fastest cars and trucks in the world rely on our products. In 2015 we moved the whole operation from South Florida up to North Georgia, our new 13,000 sq ft building gave us plenty of space to expand. In early 2017 we stepped up our manufacturing in house by acquiring a Haas VF4ss Mill, Haas SL20 Lathe, Mazak Lathe and Omax Waterjet machine. This has allowed us to expand our product line to include header flanges, turbo flanges and some private label jobs. We have also taken all V-band and turbo flange production in house along with a list of new products.We are gearing up now for future products such as our new line of 4" and 5" Throttle Bodies.  


Emissions Notice
Federal and several state and provincial laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative of any part that affects emissions or safety on motor vehicles used on public streets or highways. Race Part Solutions assumes no liability for any violations arising out of any federal, state or provincial emissions or safety requirements on motor vehicles arising out of the customer’s modifications and/or use of Race Part Solutions products. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine if their modified vehicle complies with applicable laws. Other rights may arise or vary from state to state in the United States. We (RPS) are not responsible for any time for which you may lose the use of your vehicle, any inconvenience you might be caused, the loss of your transportation or any part thereof, or any other incidental or consequential damages you may have.
California Residents
Certain California Vehicle Code sections prohibit the advertising, sale, offering for sale, or installation of any add-on or modified aftermarket part for on- or off road highway vehicles that modifies a California vehicles emission control system unless it is exempted by CARB. All of the products we offer are designed for racing or off-road use only unless otherwise expressed by the manufacturer of the item. The use of our products to intentionally bypass or make inoperative any emissions related systems is illegal.

Due to the ever changing and increasingly strict laws that California is imposing on it's citizens we are officially warning everybody that lives in the state of California to learn about those laws and choose your aftermarket parts carefully. We can not and will not police our customers. You are free to purchase any item on this website, what you do with the item is completely out of our control. We are not condoning or advocating anyone to tamper or modify their vehicle that is in violation of any and all laws of this country. 

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