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2IN - 1IN Rubber Insert

Designed To Slip Into A Hose To Reduce It's Inner Diameter
MISSION RUBBER  |  Part# RUB-20R10   More Details...


2.5in - 2IN Rubber Insert

MISSION RUBBER  |  Part# RUB-2902047   More Details...


2.5 Inch Rubber 90 Degree

MISSION RUBBER  |  Part# RUB-2902070   More Details...


3.0 Inch Rubber 90 Degree

MISSION RUBBER  |  Part# RUB-2903011   More Details...


3.0 Inch Rubber 90 Cobra

MISSION RUBBER  |  Part# RUB-2903021   More Details...


3.5 - 3.0 Rubber 90 Degree

MISSION RUBBER  |  Part# RUB-2903030   More Details...


3.0 Inch Rubber 45 Degree

MISSION RUBBER  |  Part# RUB-2903201   More Details...


30r25 Insert

Epdm Rubber Insert Bushing Reduces A 3 Inch Id Hose Down To 2 1/2 Inch Id
MISSION RUBBER  |  Part# RUB-2903300   More Details...


3.50 Inch Rubber Hump Hose

MISSION RUBBER  |  Part# RUB-2903342   More Details...


Out of Stock

3.50" - 3.00" Hump

MISSION RUBBER  |  Part# RUB-2903369   More Details...