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#10 Straight PRO-FLOW Hose End Black


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Use These Hose Ends With Stainless Braided And Premium Nylon Braided Hose. Fragola Performance 220110-BL



Part Number:FRA-220110-BL

Hose End Size:-10 AN

Fitting Style:Reusable swivel

Adapter Size:-10 AN

Adapter Attachment:Female threads

Fitting Angle:Straight

Fitting Material:Aluminum

Fitting Finish:Black anodized

Hose Style
Fragola black nylon race hose
Fragola Series 3000 race hose

Manufacturing plumbing parts for the performance aftermarket is serious business, at least to the people at Fragola. Long hours and the belief that hose ends are more than "simple devices" have led to the production of what they believe to be the finest pieces available. Fragola's one-piece Series 2000 Pro-Flow hose ends eliminate brazed joints for better flow and incorporate two Viton® O-rings for leak-free service for the life of the fittings. These Pro-Flow hose ends feature a "single nipple" system whereby the socket draws the hose over the nipple and seals it by crushing the hose between the socket and the nipple. Since there is no cut hose to remove, the Series 2000 hose ends are easy to reinstall on a new piece of hose. Fragola Series 2000 Pro-Flow hose ends are crafted from aerospace-quality aluminum that's machined to mil-spec tolerances. They're then "bright dipped" instead of anodized to maintain the original finish and continue to look great over time. Series 2000 Pro-Flow hose ends from Fragola are American-made in several sizes and angles to meet your needs. 220110-BL Black Fragola Performance Hose End Fitting