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T-BOLT Clamp For 1.50" Hose


Out of Stock (More on the way)

Fits 1.50" Silicone Hose. Our Stainless Steel T Bolt Clamps Work Great With Our Silicone Hoses. Made In The Usa


This tbolt clamp fits our 1 1/2 in silicone hose

Our high quality tbolt clamps are made right here in the USA. Don't buy inferior clamps that will just end up breaking
and leaving you stranded. T-Bolt clamps are a great way to secure your silicone hoses on that boosted monster. Whether you run a turbo or supercharger you'll want the best to keep your hoses from blowing off the intercooler piping while racing.
When sizing up which clamp you need make sure and measure the outside of the hose you have while it's installed. You want the clamps max size to be just over the hose size to get maximum clamping.

T-Bolt Clamps are a hose clamp equipped with a t-bolt which can be tightened by a hex-nut. T-Bolt Clamps are used to seal liquid or air connections on hoses.

Clamp range 1.75 inch - 2 inch

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  · T-Bolt Clamps » 1 1/4" - 3"