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#12 Push Lok Hose Bulk


38 in stock

Fragola Performance Systems Series 8000 PUSH-LITE Race Hose 800012 hose, Series 8000, PUSH-LITE, Braided Fiber, -12 An, 1 Ft. Length



Series 8000 Push-Lok General Purpose Hose

FPS Series 8000 Push-Lite Race Hose is manufactured to the same rigorous standards as our Series 3000 Stainless Race Hose. It is the perfect alternative when cost or weight is the main consideration.

  • 250 PSI maximum working pressure allows for most automotive water, oil and fuel systems.
  • Inner layer of synthetic PKR covered with a fiber braid reinforcement and wrapped with a weather-resistant textile cover.
  • Temperature range to 300° F.
  • Hose assemblies with Push-Lite Hose are over half the weight of the same stainless hose assembly.
  • For high heat or higher-pressure applications, we recommend our light-weight stainless band clamps.

The Series 8000 Push-Lite Hose may be used in any number of automotive applications. If you are using fittings other than our Series 8000 Push-Lite Hose Ends, be sure to measure the hose barb diameter to determine suitability. This hose is sized fractionally, but the suitability is at the sole determination of the end user.

Part Numbers & Sizes

A-N Size Nom I.D. Bulk Per Ft. 3 Ft. Roll 6 Ft. Roll 10 Ft. Roll 15 Ft. Roll 20 Ft. Roll
-4 1/4" 800004 803004 806004 810004 815004 820004
-6 3/8" 800006 803006 806006 810006 815006 820006
-8 1/2" 800008 803008 806008 810008 815008 820008
-10 5/8" 800010 803010 806010 810010 815010 820010
-12 3/4" 800012 803012 806012 810012 815012 820012

Technical Specifications

Part Size Push-Lite Designation Max Burst Pressure Vacuum Rating Weight Per Ft.
800004 1/4" -4 350 psi. 28 in. hg. 0.09 lbs.
800006 3/8" -6 300 psi. 28 in. hg. 0.11 lbs.
800008 1/2" -8 300 psi. 28 in. hg. 0.18 lbs.
800010 5/8" -10 250 psi. 15 in. hg. 0.19 lbs.
800012 3/4" -12 250 psi. 15 in. hg. 0.24 lbs.

Tech Tip:

To ease the installation of any push-on hose end, first dip the end of the hose in boiling water to soften it slightly (a heat gun also works well). Clamp the hose end in a vise and oil the barb with Fragola Assembly Lube #900150, found on page 52. Push the hose over the barbs with one smooth movement.


On bulk lengths of hose over 20 feet, Fragola Performance Systems reserves the right to ship plus or minus 15% in length in order to reduce the number of unsaleable pieces in stock. If you need a specific length for your job, please notify your sales person of the minimum acceptable length.