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HSP-300008 #1

HP Turbo Shield T2 Flange (Gt25,27,28, E


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  • Add-On Part - NA
  • Title - Turbo Heat Shield

Turbo Heat Shield Reduces Turbo Lag While Protecting Other Engine Components Keeps The Heat In The Hot Side Of The Turbo Where It Belongs. No Trimming Necessary, The Custom Fit Design Turbo Heat Shield Designed to Fit Your Turbo Housing.



This turbo heat shield helps to reduce turbo lag while protecting other engine components. The custom fit turbo heat bags use cutting edge technology and performance to keep the heat in the hot side of the turbo where it belongs. Another added benefit, under hood temperatures can be lowered by as much as 40%. Lower under hood temperatures, mean colder intake temperatures, that results in greater power and mileage! The custom fit design means you do not have to trim or fit the heat shield blanket to fit your turbo housings, making installation a snap. Capable of withstanding 1800F continuous, our turbo heat shields are designed for street performance and even the most hardcore racing applications. Turbo shields come with stainless steel springs to hold turbo in place.

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